Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Day is coming!

With nature and textures being my focus, I want to try to get some work done to upload to my new Etsy shop. Working on a few things - beads with coffee grinds, molds and texture plates, acorn jewelry, etc.

Started with what I call my "Mocha Bead" which is made with transluscent clay.

First I tint the clay with alcohol ink (latte, of course). I then work in my leftover coffee grinds which I  have roasted in the oven. They give the beads a beautiful look and its a form of upcycling, no?!

Roll, slice and texturize with my wire spiral.

 After curing I give  them more dimension with some liquid clay and chalk,

Ready for final bake.


Don't feel like making your own beads...they are available in my etsy shop:


And then I gave them life with a necklace I call "Mocha Leaf", you like?


MagicMarkingsArt said...

what a unique process. hope you're enjoying your class!

bsue1441 said...

I love this idea! Is it okay to share?

Keri Lee Sereika said...

I love this idea! Thanks to Brenda Sue for sharing it over at the Bead Soup Cafe! :D

Mary Hicks said...

very very very cool!

Beetique said...

Do they smell like coffee?

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Actually they did while they were curing! I suppose if I hadn't used recycled coffee grinds and had used them fresh out the can they would have been really intense. But I was trying to upcycle for Earth Day.

I just get a wiff of coffee and I HAVE to have a cup!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thanks Mary! I lookd at your beading. Wow, where do you get the patience, and eyesight for that matter, to do such intricate work? Very impressed with beaders like yourself.

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thank ladies for stopping by...wanted to do SOMETHING for earth day and having a cup of coffee was the least I could do. Hehehehe

I just love textures don't you?

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