Friday, July 13, 2012

REVEAL DAY: Simple Truth Celebration Blog Hop with Erin Prais-Hintz

Today is reveal day for the Simple Truths Celebration Blog Hop sponsored by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati!

To celebrate her line Simple Truths, Erin wanted everyone to take out the pieces they may have been hording and bring some jewelry to life! Read more about it by clicking here.

I chose to create my piece with the Woodsy Owl. In Erin's own words -

"Owls are the holders of wisdom, capable of seeing the unseen. With keen eyesight they glance into the soul and are totems of truth. The owl is the symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and understanding. The owl is associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Let the owl give you the power to extract secrets, to view what is hidden to others, to trust your instincts about other people and to be a seer of truth."

Well, I'm not as deep as all that, I chose the Woodsy Owl because he's so darn cute! Here is my bracelet -

"Nature's Calling"

Beach findings, silk and other natural trinkets are included
Tesori Trovati "Simple Truth" Woodsy Owl
Handmade Polymer Bead

And ONE more look from Woodsy Owl!

Follow the Blog Hop to see what everyone created!

Shelley Graham Turner <<<< YOU ARE HERE
Marlene Cupo
Mary Harding


Toltec Jewels said...

Oh, I love this! Woodsy owl is wonderful! And you've given Woodsy owl an awesome home of silk, natural art beads, and a cool polymer clay bead by you! Jewelry that makes me happy :)

Marla said...

Love this Shelley! Great use of color and texture!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Oh Rita, thank you! He is a cutie, so much so that I have a confession. I already took him off the bracelet and placed him back in his little nest on my desk. I replaced him with another of my beads. I am giving the bracelet away but selfishly keeping my owl. So the hoarding of Simple Truths continues! I couldn't help myself - I love him! My grandson and I named him Whoover!

Shelley Graham Turner said...

Thank you Miss Marla!!

Toltec Jewels said...

LOL! I think it was good to keep Whoover! You and your grandson are a hoot! And very very wise ... ;)

Shelley Graham Turner said...

((Rita)) You are so nice. Always!
xxoOh! ~ Shelley

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